Rectify yourself with that regulate this universe

You can uncover the enigmas that can be revealed by the numbers that your stars hold.

This is your path to reveal some unknown enigmas about yourself!

About Me

Dharra S Shhah, a professional numerologist is the eyes and ears of takeofftoabundance and by her hard work and brilliance in what she does, she has been able to serve a huge number of clients in learning their destiny and attaining self-satisfaction.

At takeofftoabundance, Dharra is always available to assist you with your life to get a better
understanding of yourself and build your confidence. Being highly skilled at numerology
readings, she is readily able to build accurate numerology charts in order to attain your results
with minimum error and her other tools are highly effective in all aspects. Her knowledge of
spirituality and numbers is there to guide you and accompany you to your path of destiny and
build your mindset accordingly

What is Numerology?

In pure terms, numerology is a study of numbers in your life. You can uncover information about anything in this world and any person on this planet by using Numerology. Numerology can be seen as a universal language of numbers and it is highly effective to know what waits ahead for you and where your destiny will take you.

The knowledge of numbers is rightly known as numerology. Like Astrology, numerology too works on the principle where you need to acquire the impacts that the planets have on human lives.

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To be on the top you have to get the numbers in your name right. Did you know that each alphabet of your name has a certain value, and the total of this should be in symmetry with your date of birth to have a stable life? This requires one to know more about the study of numbers.


How can Numerology change your life?

The intention behind this estimation is easy: your birth date affects the cosmos of your life and it can well interpret your relationships and your course of life.
It can also bring you closer to the opportunities by letting you know the factors which will trigger positive results.

Numerology can be defined by taking for instance the signboards for traveling the unknown road as it warns you of the directions that symbolize the positive and negative situations of your life.

Numerology helps you to recognize your partner’s desires, ambitions, the frame of mind, their journey, and how they can reach up to their port of call.

It helps you to set goals, do the planning, and direct your way in the best way for achieving them and it also enables you to wriggle out of problematic situations.

Numerology helps you to stay at the right place by evaluating the energies of a property, a city, or a town.

Our Packages


  • Birthday analysis
  • Lucky Numbers:
  • Lucky Colours
  • Lucky phone number, House number, and, Vehicle number
  • Personality type and traits
  • Know your right profession


  • The projection for the next 5 years
  • Harmony with different numbers
  • Remedies & Precautions
  • Abroad/homeland settlement?
  • Are your numbers strong for business?
  • Includes all the services of the primary plan


  • Business Analysis ( Existing Business)
  • Valuation of present business name
  • Reasons why your business is not working
  • Compatibility Analysis with business partners


Rs 9100
  • Name Analysis
  • Name Spelling Correction
  • Signature Correction
  • Remedies
  • Health & Personal life
  • Career/Professional success
  • Compatibility with life partner
  • Favorable timing to launch new business or productonious business names
  • Favorable timing to launch new business or product
  • Domain name suggestion

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