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This is the primary plan and it covers all the basic services. All the services that come under this plan are as follows:

  • Birthday analysis:

    In the numerological world, it is believed that your birthdate comprises some data about one's character and personality and even one's direction of seeing life. Numerology holds the power to let us access this information and it gives us a broader understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.  A birthday i.e date, month, and year can be used to take out meanings and this can be done by adding up their digits. In many events, the sum of these numbers is a two or more digits number never less. By summing up the calculation, the final sum is then reduced to a single digit. The final sum then holds the power and information of one's life.

  • Lucky Numbers:

    Some numbers are lucky while others are not and these numbers play a huge role in the numerological world. Lucky Number in Numerology is estimated by calculating the numbers of your date of birth and the numerology number of your name and it is calculated by the lucky number calculator.

  • Lucky Colours:

    Colors represent numbers in numerology, in this universe, colors symbolize and they also represent different chakras and various planets in the solar system and our bodies. In simple words, every planet, number, and chakra has a distinct color. This means that by color therapy if any chakra in your body is delicate any important number is missing or if any particular planet is weak at the time you were born then it is possible to heal and strengthen it with colors. 

  • Lucky phone number, House number, and, Vehicle number:

    Not a lot of people know this but lucky numbers can play a significant role in your life, for instance, a lucky vehicle number is less prone to accidents. Numerology is a science that brings out energies from numbers and by this procedure you can find fortunate numbers for your phone, house, and vehicles. It includes extracting the meaning of each number and calculating if it is favorable for you or not.

  • Personality type and traits:

    Someone's personality is a combination of their personality and traits and personality plays a vital role in the recognition of any individual's character. In numerology, one can take input on anyone's personality by their names and yes, it is done by calculating their numerological name or the hidden numbers that possess information about you. Personality analysis isn't easy as there are a million personalities worldwide and some relate to each other while others don't and that makes numerological personality analysis significant.

  • Know your right profession:

    When you speak about the right profession, not only does it imply that your career should make you happy but it also tells that there might be some areas of work in which you will flourish exceptionally. The calculation is simple, using your life path number and your birth number we can reveal the unheard mysteries of your professional life and supervise you on the same.

This is the secondary plan and it includes all the services of the primary plan along with some additional ones. All the additional services of this plan are as follows:

  • The projection for the next 5 years:

    It is strange to comprehend how much power these numbers hold. The numbers operate the past, the future, and the present. Projection stands for forecasting and releasing some unseen truths by studying your numbers and here your estimated future will be revealed with the help of numerology. 

  • Harmony with different numbers:

    The sequence of numbers that go well with each other is believed to be harmonious. Also, those combinations that don't go on so well are said to be disharmonious or conflicting. Conflicting numbers can produce some conflicts in your personality and this goes on till you acquire to endure these distinct waves as your own. In numerology, we find and change such conflicting numbers that affect your life negatively. 

  • Remedies & Precautions:

    It is clear that in numerological space numbers speak more than any individual does. The numbers show your weaknesses and these numbers hold the key to your success. If you ever feel like you are good at something but you are still not succeeding in it, it is because your numbers aren't aligned correctly. By estimating and calculating your numbers, we can interpret the origins of your problems and the bad omens of your coming future and alert you on them and give you suggestions and remedies for the same.

  • Abroad/homeland settlement?

    The most sought question in Numerology till the day remains about settlement and this is a never-ending curiosity. With numerology, the possibilities of a person's foreign or homeland settlement can be predicted easily.  It is done by calculating the outcomes that complex numbers are generating for that person and all of it depends on his/her date of birth.

  • Are your numbers strong for business?

    In several cases, the business of some individuals was not succeeding even after putting in their best efforts and capital and in such cases, there is a probability that your numbers are against you. Several factors may affect your business, for instance, the name of your business and in this service, we analyze if your numbers are strong for your business or not.


This is the intermediate plan and it covers all the services in the secondary plan along with some premium services and it is one of our bestselling and high-rated plans. The premium services that this plan offers are:

  • Business Analysis ( Existing Business):

    The business analysis covers the analysis of everything in your business, working on areas that may give better outputs and interpreting those numbers that are holding your business back. This step is essential to improve your existing business's plans. 

  • Valuation of present business name:

    Business names play a major role in depicting the success of any particular business. If you have noticed people struggling to get a particular domain for their business it might be because they know how prestigious these names are in real life. By calculating the numbers of your present business name, we can analyze if it is going to prove beneficial or not in the near future.

  • Reasons why your business is not working:

    If you have struggled in your business even after putting all your efforts and fortune into it then it is most likely that the numbers of your business are aligned against you and they might be pulling your business back. These reasons can help you understand and work on the shortcomings of your business and help you regain your grip in the market.

  • Compatibility Analysis:

    Analyzing whether you are compatible or not with anyone, in particular, can solve half your issues as compatibility plays a major role in bonding. By calculating it through numerology we can count the numbers that can reveal the level of understanding your partner and you share and it can either be in friendship or a relationship or a business partnership.

  • Compatibility with business partners:

    There is a possibility that if your life or birth numbers are conflicting with your business partner's then they can misjudge you and this makes it essential to acknowledge the compatibility that you and your business partner share or it might cost you a fortune.


This is the master plan and it includes all the services of the intermediate plans with several other bonus services that make it our highly recommended plan of this series. The additional bonus services it offers are:

  • Name Analysis:

    In a numerological sense, your birth name holds the lock to your mental intelligence and the numbers can be used to analyze the sharpness of your mind, and it can also affect your physical well-being. It has been evident that your name can affect you in all the aspects of life and it holds the roots to your character. 

  • Name Spelling Correction:

    Correcting the spelling of your name or your complete name can change who you are as a person and it is important to go by a name that holds positive numbers by your side. For evaluating the correct spelling for your name we need to calculate your soul number and your date of birth and with further calculation, we can find a number that will register a true spelling for your name.

  • Signature Correction:

    Any individual's signature speaks a lot about how that person is in real and what personal traits they possess. Not a lot of people know about this fact but in the numerological world, signature plays a significant role. The signature correction needs to be done to improve your lifestyle, business, and anything relatable. It is evaluated with the help of numbers that will be proven profitable to you forthwith.

  • Remedies:

    There is always something to improve in your life and by playing with numbers it can be ensured that your life is running well in all possible ways.

  • Health: Health is an important aspect of life and hereby calculating your numbers and estimating all future perspectives we can provide you with some precautions and assistance for the same.

  • Personal life: Facing troubles in your personal life is a usual thing but it can be changed by the power of numerology and by a deeper understanding of the roots of your problems, we can find suitable remedies for you.

  • Career/Professional success: 

    Evaluating the prospects that you can do well in or simply understanding what is keeping you from succeeding in your career, we can provide you solutions on how to tackle these problems.

    Education: If you are having trouble studying a particular course then it is likely that your numbers are incompatible with your subject and it can be cured by correction and improvements.

  • Compatibility with life partner: 

    Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with can be pleasing but without checking the compatibility level it can create some problems too. Fighting with your partner is a normal thing if it is occasional but constant disagreements can affect your life and mental health negatively and this is why it is important to know if you will be compatible with your partner and that the numbers of you and your partner match well.

  • Get the most impressive yet harmonious business names:

    The name of any business indeed plays a key to its success and it is important to think twice before you settle on anything as the whole idea of being successful depends on it. This being said, in numerology, the name of a business plays a vital role and the success of your startup may depend on the numbers of your business’s name. We suggest the best attractive and famous names under this business analysis.

  • Favorable timing to launch new business or product: 

    Timing also plays a significant role in business and the right timing can do half the work. The date and time when you launch your business or any product can have a huge impact on how it will prosper and we will examine and find the best time and date for your business to have a quick start.  

  • Domain name suggestion:

    While launching a new website choosing the right domain becomes vital and many times people choose the wrong domain names and this might affect their business in a later stage. The numbers of your domain name have to be in favor of your business to work and we will suggest you the most favorable domain name that will allow your business to grow.

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