Red Saturday: The UK’s Valentine’s Shopping Behavior Revealed

The next day is actually ‘Red Saturday’ whenever planning for Valentine’s Day highs together with investing begins. Be ready with the help of our run-down of the stats you’ll want to understand ahead of the special day

Our very own most recent research has announced that more than a million excited Valentines tend to be set to invest approximately £29 million this Saturday alone, with mature singles and partners alike organising times, reserving restaurants and purchasing gift ideas due to their partners.

Between Red Saturday on 4th February and valentine’s, Brits are splashing the cash on:

  • Meals, with £163 million spent on as well as another £60 million on products
  • £69 million on blossoms
  • £77 million on jewelry
  • £42 million on chocolates
  • £52 million on notes

But total spending on valentine’s this season is scheduled become £713 million, a reduction of 34per cent from 2016. As a whole an average UK citizen will invest £22.57, with people in London, Scotland while the north-west spending the essential, while those in Wales will spend minimum.

This reduction in investing is actually despite the fact more people want to commemorate Valentine’s this season. The actual fact that, in case you are perhaps not remembering then you’re not alone. One in seven singles are intending to invest typically £13 on alternate activities, such as TV binges, extra gym courses, and fast food.

But not everyone is keen on the yearly Valentine’s spending spree. 28percent of Brits agree totally that valentine’s is actually a waste of cash and 9percent of these in an union acknowledge which they’d push it aside entirely if their particular lover would accept.

It is not all doom and gloom though – 18% of those in an union nevertheless love the relationship of valentine’s, although it will get its cost on your own lender balance!

Struggle of the Sexes

eHarmony has teamed with on line present site Prezzybox to look just a little deeper into how male and female investing practices vary, what generation splashes the most cash, and just who purchases exactly what: 

Check-out our very own infographic below discover all:



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